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Accepted. Object licensing in Fijian and the role of adjacency.
Paper on an unusual DOM pattern in Fijian, accepted with revisions by Natural Language & Linguistic Theory.

2018. Pronoun copying in Dinka Bor and the Copy Theory of Movement.
Paper on multiple copy spell-out in Dinka. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 36(3):937–990.

2017. Ergativity and Austronesian-type voice systems.
Paper with Michael Y. Erlewine and Ted Levin in Oxford Handbook of Ergativity, edited by Jessica Coon, Diane Massam, and Lisa Travis.

2017. Why A-movement does not license parasitic gaps.
Paper in A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky, edited by Claire Halpert, Hadas Kotek, and me.

2015. A uniform syntax for phrasal movement: A Dinka Bor case study.
MIT Dissertation on the syntax of phrasal movement and Dinka.

2015. Two components of long-distance extraction: Successive cyclicity in Dinka.
Paper on successive cyclicity in Dinka with Norvin Richards. Linguistic Inquiry 46(1):113–155.

2015. Aspect splits without ergativity: Agreement asymmetries in Neo-Aramaic.
Paper on agreement in Neo-Aramaic languages with Laura Kalin (UCLA). Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 33(2):659–702.

2014. Agreement in Zazaki and the nature of nominal concord.
Paper with Maziar Toosarvandani (UCSC) on nominal concord in Zazaki.

2013. Visser's Generalization: The syntax of control and the passive.
A squib on passives and obligatory control. Linguistic Inquiry 44(1):168–178.

Ms. A typology of clash-tolerating languages.
MIT Generals paper which explores the typology of quantity-insensitive languages that allow clashes.

Ms. On obligatory control: A movement and PRO approach.
A manuscript that proposes an alternative to contemporary theories of control (part of my MA thesis).